Gabrielle Union Is Sharing ‘The Good, the Bad, and the WTF’ In Her New Book of Personal Essays

Gabrielle Union is adding another title to her ever-growing resume. This time, she is a published author. Writing personal essays is not uncharted territory for Gabrielle Union, who penned a poignant op-ed about Nate Parker last year for the Los Angeles Times. The article touched many because it was a response to a controversial detail of the director and star of a movie she was involved in called Birth of a Nation. At the time, information of Nate Parker and his rape allegations case had resurfaced and was tainting the work in a different light.

Union, who had experienced being raped in her own life, shared her stance on the matter with the statement, “I cannot take Nate Parker’s rape allegations lightly.” It was a piece that was hailed by many because of Union’s realness, her straight talk, her bravery, and her boundless approach of talking about a matter that has affiliation with a moment that changed her life so many years ago.

Additionally, she advocates openly for things like women’s rights and Planned Parenthood. And is also known to give a funny anecdote or two in reference to her relationship with celebrity NBA hubby Dwyane Wade.

This time around, however, the Being Mary Jane star is revealing, but funny tales of her personal life and opinions on the world around her in an upcoming book entitled, We’re Going To Need More Wine: Stories That Are Funny, Complicated, and True.

PEOPLE has an exclusive first look of the cover reveal for Union’s book, which is slated for an October release. According to the article, the book “will feature personal stories and reflections on a range of topics that continue to define the contemporary landscape: sexuality, womanhood, friendship, race, marriage, and beauty.”


The 44-year-old veteran actress is one of those rare celebs who doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing what she thinks, whether it be light and humorous, or controversial and sound. Her book of essays is sure to provide an even more in-depth experience of Union’s eloquent examinations of the world. The snapshot it promises to be of herself is enough to make anyone want to give the pages a read. In fact, her intro says a lot:

“Throughout my life, I’ve often wondered aloud ‘How the hell did I end up here? Why me?’ Not sure I’ve ever found all the answers to those questions, but in this book I share my journey … the good, the bad, and the WTF. You will definitely need more wine for this one.”

We’re Going To Need More Wine will be available anywhere books are sold on October 17.


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