DJ Khaled Shares a Touching Video Dedicated to His Son and Explains the Meaning Behind His New Album

For anyone who follows DJ Khaled on social media knows that his love for his son runs deep. Since the birth of his one year old son, Asahd, Khaled has been vocal about his admiration for little one and even made him executive producer of his 2017 album Greatful.

On Tuesday (March 6), the mega producer shared a touching video dedicated to his son and his loyal fans. In the video, Khaled shares never-before-seen footage of Asahd and opens up about the revolution that came with being a new father. “I have an important message for you. It’s a message about the master key of master keys. I’m talking about love,” Khaled says over a montage of home videos. “Love can change everything. It’s changed me.”

“Now I’m grateful for the one who’s coming after me: My son, Asahd. He is my legacy, my love, my lion. That’s what Asahd means: Lion. Love did that. That’s all from the power of love,” Khaled said in the two minute video.

“Every morning I tell Asahd, ‘I love you. I got you.’ But the truth is, he got me. He’s what gives me hope and purpose. He’s my inspiration and motivation,” he continues. “When Asahd smiles at me, it’s God smiling at me. Love did that. The power of love did that.”

At the end of the video, the superstar DJ explains the process behind the name of his highly anticipated album. “My whole life I thought our parents give us our names…but here’s a major key. Our children give us the ultimate name, the greatest title, the highest honor. My son has given me my new name, father of Asahd.”

“Father of Asahd” is slated for a summer 2018 release. Be sure to check out the album’s first single, “Top Off” featuring Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Future below!

Photo Credit: PR Photos