Black Women Are Responsible for Democrat Doug Jones’ Historic Victory in Alabama

Thanks to the black voters in Alabama, Democrat Doug Jones had a historic win on Tuesday (December 12) against Republican and accused child molester Roy Moore. With black voters –particularly black women – voting in favor for Jones, he became the first Democrat to represent Alabama in the Senate in more than two decades and basically saved America…Talk about Black Excellence!

According to CNN exit polls, Jones defeated Roy Moore with the help and support from black voters, with 98% of black women, voting in favor for the Democratic candidate. Furthermore, Black men –who made up 11% of the vote on Tuesday night – voted 93% for Jones, according to CNN.

Not long after it was revealed that black women were reason for the historic win, the hashtag “Black Women” began trending on Twitter with many people thanking them for supporting Jones and others noting that politicians need to support black women.

Jones, who will fill US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ former seat, is a former federal prosecutor who served as the US attorney for the Northern district of Alabama from 1997 to 2001.  During his campaign, Jones pointed to his record of helping the African American Community –often directing to when he prosecuted two members of the Ku Klux Klan for the infamous 1963 bombing of the 1th Street Baptist Church.

Photo Credit: iStock