Meek Mill Sentenced in Jail for 2-4 Years Following Probation Violations

Meek Mill is headed back to jail. The “All Eyes on You” rapper has reportedly been sentenced to a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years in jail for probation violations.

Meek was under probation due to a 2008 drug and gun conviction that led him to serving eight months in jail. Meek, whose birth name is Robert Williams, was under review on Monday (Nov. 6) by the Criminal Justice Center due to a couple of unfortunate incidents that the rapper saw himself at the center of. One occurrence was a fight at an airport in St. Louis, and the other involved riding his dirt bike in the streets of New York City – both incidents resulted in arrests.

The rapper was very upfront about his belief that he was unfairly targeted by the NYPD during his August dirt bike arrest. His lawyer, Joseph Tacopina said regarding Meek’s arrest, “If his name was John Smith, he wouldn’t have even been arrested. You could go to 110th St. and Dyckman right now and you’ll see 10 kids popping wheelies on their bikes. Nobody gets arrested.”

The charges were later dropped, but would play an important factor in the Philadelphia judge’s ruling for the Wins and Losses artist. Additionally, prior to him receiving his new sentence, his probation was previously elongated by six years when he left the state to do a performance without the consent of a judge. That fact paired with Meek’s two probation violations led the rapper to being sentenced to up to four years in jail, and a minimum of two.

Upon hearing the reports of Meek’s arrest, rapper JAY-Z was quick to give his two cents on the matter via a Facebook post on Monday. “The sentence handed down by the Judge – against the recommendation of the Assistant District Attorney and Probation Officer – is unjust and heavy-handed. We will always stand by and support Meek Mill, both as he attempts to right this wrongful sentence and then in returning to his musical career.”

Meek has not yet publicly commented on news of his jail sentence.

Photo Credit: David Maialetti/Twitter

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