Jaden Smith Previews Visuals and Announces the Release Date for ‘SYRE’ Album

After years of randomly dropping singles and visuals for different musical endeavors, Jaden Smith is finally putting his official mark onto the music world. He recently announced that his debut album is coming sooner than fans might have guessed. SYRE: A Beautiful Confusion will be available on November 17.

The MSFTS artist took to social media to spread the word of his good news. On Twitter, he tweeted a trailer of SYRE: A Beautiful Confusion captioned with his signature of capitalizing every word, “I Cordially Invite You To Visit SYRE Land Via My Instagram. 3 Years In The Making Thank You #LongLiveSYRE”

In addition to Twitter, Smith also took to his Instagram to share a slew of photos to accompany his announcement and roll out what to expect from his work that’s to come. In both places, he titled the snippets, “The SYRE Movie Trailer.” On Instagram, the trailer accounts for 12 posts that include an aesthetically pleasing mix of still images and clips from the forthcoming project – all accented with a pink and lilac painted sky.

Songs like “I Don’t Wanna Cry,” “Icon,” and “The Passion” are just some of the tracks that were previewed. Each snippet seems to follow a similar theme and his caption of “A Story of a Boy Who,” in the first post of the series of 12 might indicate that he’s playing the role of SYRE, a boy who loved and lost and the art that it inspired. But knowing Smith, that might be far too literal of an interpretation to be accurate.

Prefacing the release of his album, this year alone has seen the release of a couple of singles by the up and coming artist, like “Batman” and runaway favorite “Watch Me.” In the past, Smith has released other singles on the label he co-created and shares with his younger sister and fellow musician Willow Smith, MSFTS Music – underneath the Roc Nation banner. Past collaborations have included “5,” “PCH,” (both featuring Willow) and most recently, “Uno Dos” where he was a feature for another member of the MSFTS crew, ¿Téo?.

Aside from his musical endeavors, Smith has also been getting his feet wet in the acting world again. This year, he and Ezra Koenig of the band Vampire Weekend teamed up for the Netflix anime series Neo Yokio, which premiered on the streaming platform last month. He also has a film project in production, which is why he had to cut off his signature locs this year.

The Passion. -SYRE. November 17th

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Lost Boy. November 17th. -SYRE

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Watch the entire 12 post series on his Instagram by clicking here.

Photo Credit: Jaden Smith/Twitter

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