Lifetime Releases Trailer for Film Based on the Flint Water Crisis Starring Queen Latifah and Jill Scott

Lifetime just released the official trailer for its forthcoming original movie Flint, which sheds a light on the water crisis that shook the nation and is still affecting the residents of Flint, Michigan to this day.

Starring Queen Latifah and Jill Scott, Flint is the riveting retelling of the Flint water crisis and shines a light on the four women who exposed the biggest environmental scandal of our generation. Along with Latifah and Scott, who star as Iza and Nayyirah, Betsy Brandt (Breaking Bad) and Marin Ireland (Sneaky Pete) will appear in the film as LeeAnne and Melissa. The four women join forces after discovering that lead-infested water caused devastating medical problems for their families and bring the issue to city officials. However, when their claims go unheard, the women come together to expose the wrongdoings committed by their government officials.

The trailer opens with a clip of former President Barack Obama saying, “This was a manmade disaster, this was preventable,” as Andra Day’s “Rise Up” plays.

Brandt is seen holding two bottles of water, showing the unsafe water conditions in Flint, while Scott’s character is heard saying, “Our trust in authority is gone.”

Latifah is also shown throughout the trailer as her character and is seen showing a rash that resulted from the tainted water.

Since 2014, residents of Flint, Michigan have been without clean water due to the city switching the water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River. Although officials say the water is safe to drink, Flint residents say the water isn’t safe and they are still forced to use bottled water to bathe, clean, and cook. The effects of the crisis will echo through lifetimes as consuming the water can cause serious health problems stemming from lead poisoning and other diseases.

Flint premieres on Lifetime Saturday, October 28 at 8/7c. Check out the trailer below!

Photo Credit: Lifetime/Youtube