The Game Responds to Rumors Circulating About Alleged Indiscretions with Underaged Girl

Rapper The Game has been a subject of controversy recently after rumors began circulating that he got an underaged girl pregnant – a 15-year-old to be exact. In addition to that, gossip sites have reported that story with supporting evidence in the form of messages presented by a woman claiming to know The Game. The messages allege that the Compton native knew the girl’s age at the time of conception and reportedly giving her financial support.

The Game responded to the allegations and the rumors on Thursday (Oct. 19) via social media. The rapper took to his Instagram to address the things that had been reported about him. Game paid the rumors dust, posting a selfie of him smoking while in his element – behind the engineer board at the studio. It seemed to allude not only to the fact that Game wasn’t going to let anything kills his vibe, but also to the fact that new music might be underway.

Captioning the photo, the rapper wrote, “Not here to entertain lies or felonious stories. Laughing at how lame some people are. Stalking others lives, fabricating stories to look like fools in the end. & here I sit….Focused on my soul, my craft & my children.”

He further punctuated his statement with the hashtags: #TheInternetIsTheDevil, #WeGottaDoBetter, #TheTruthShallSetYouFree, and #SeeYallInAnother60Days.”

The last hashtag seemingly alludes to the fact that the rapper will probably be on a social media hiatus – on Instagram at least – for the next two months. Yesterday’s post dispelling the rumors was the first post that he has uploaded since a congratulatory post he gave to Gucci Mane and Keyshia Kao’ir on their then-impending nuptials.

Regarding the gossip, Game also gave a statement to Complex, which reads:

“This story is a lie made up by a child whom I’ve never met nor talked to in my life. I wish big media outlets would stop giving inaccurate news & liars a platform to tarnish their brand & make them look like the Enquirer.”

Photo Credit: PR Photos

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