Food Network’s Sunny Anderson Apologizes After Tasteless Comment About Sexual Harassment Victims

Ever since the New York Times published a story uncovering decades of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment and rape allegations – several actresses including Angelina Jolie, Minka Kelly, Cara Delevingne, Heather Graham and more – have spoken out about their experiences with the world famous producer. In light of the horrific claims, Food Network chef Sunny Anderson received backlash after she took to social media to share a few polarizing opinions about the scandal.

Over the weekend, The Kitchen co-host went on a rant –that has since been deleted – using victim-blaming when she shared a story about her sexual harassment experience. In the string of very offensive tweets, Anderson tweeted that the word “brave” shouldn’t be applied to the women who speak up, after the initial victim calls out the attacker.

Anderson then went on to share her personal experience with being a sexual harassment victim – calling on a time when she worked on a radio station.

“When I reported my 1st radio boss for sexual harassment, I felt brave. The 4 co-workers that came out AFTER me were not brave to me… at all. In fact I blamed them and still do for not being BRAVE and reporting him before he had a chance to make one more victim.”

“So, as all these women come out of the woodwork…ask yourself… were they complicit in their silence? Complicit when taking payoffs?”

“I refuse to call the 3rd, 4th, 5th or 10th person to come out and say, “me too”, BRAVE. We can call them LATE though … of I can.”

The celebrity chef then questioned why the victims would meet with Weinstein in his hotel room.

“Anyone wondering how/why some of these women even stepped in a hotel room???, Anyone? Are people too afraid to ask?”

Not long after, Anderson’s comments quickly spread and received harsh backlash for what users are calling victim-blaming.

Since then, Anderson deleted the tweets and apologized for her deeply offensive comments –saying, “I’ve deleted my obviously polarizing & offensive statement. As a victim & warrior against sexual harassment in the work place, I apologize.”

Photo Credit: PR Photos