Netflix Drops First Look of Forthcoming ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ Series

The first look of the She’s Gotta Have It series is officially here! As we previously reported, the Spike Lee joint classic She’s Gotta Have It got picked up as a multi-episode series by the streaming service giant Netflix.

The series’ story will be similar to that of the cult classic film and will center on the protagonist Nola Darling (played by DeWanda Wise) and her life as she bounces between the balancing act of her career as an artist, friends and family, and most interestingly three very different love interests.

Nola is a “sex-positive, polyamorous pansexual,” which is a mouthful and bound to create a plethora of different dynamics as she navigates the dating waters between her Three Lovers: The Cultured Model, Greer Childs, The Protective Investment Banker, Jamie Overstreet, and Da Original B-Boy Sneakerhead, Mars Blackmon – all of whom she is dating interchangeably. Greer Childs (played by Cleo Anthony) is described as being “spontaneous,” Jamie Overstreet (played by Lyriq Bent) is an older businessman who cares about Nola “in a way that no one ever has,” and Mars Blackmon (played by Anthony Ramos) is an immature funny man that – to quote Nola – makes her laugh until her “sides hurt.” Fun fact: Spike Lee played Mars in the original She’s Gotta Have It film.

For the series, he will be taking a more behind-the-scenes approach to the reimagining of his 1986 indie film debut and acting as the man helming the entire series from episode to episode. The influential director was also responsible for creating and executive producing the series alongside his wife Tonya Lewis Lee underneath their 40 Acres banner. All 10 episodes are set to debut on Netflix on Thanksgiving, Thursday November 23.

Check out a first look of the show in the trailer below.

Photo Credit: Screengrab from She’s Gotta Have It Trailer/Netflix

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