Sanaa Lathan Joins Showtime’s ‘The Affair’ for the Series’ Fourth Season

Actress Sanaa Lathan has joined the cast of Showtime’s The Affair for the series’ fourth season, THR reports.

Lathan, who has most recently had a starring role in the FOX crime drama Shots Fired, will have a recurring role in the premier cable drama as Jenelle, the principal of the school that Noah (played by Dominic West) teaches at. Her role in the award-winning drama, which is an exploration of the emotional and psychological effects of an affair between Noah Solloway and Alison Lockhart (portrayed by Ruth Wilson) and the events that transpire thereafter – including a crime that brings the estranged couples together. The series also stars Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson as Helen Solloway and Cole Lockhart, respectively.

When Jenelle enters the picture, she will intrigue Noah’s character, but has a lot on her plate as she tries to prove her value to the school’s faculty members and administration that are ready to oppose her at every opportunity. According to THR, on a larger scale, the forthcoming season will find “each of the main characters in their own orbits, spinning further and further away from where they all bean. Every character is involved in a new relationship, forcing them to decide if they’re ready and willing to leave the past behind for good.”

Lathan obtained her claim to fame no doubt from the 90’s cult classic Love and Basketball where she and Omar Epps gave a black love take on relationship goals on and off the proverbial court. Before that, she had roles in Blade, The Wood, and The Best Man – but Love and Basketball was one of her first starring roles in a feature film and definitely one of her most memorable ones.

The actress has been working steadily ever since, with roles in films like Brown Sugar, Out of Time, Alien vs. Predator, Something New, The Family That Preys, and The Perfect Guy. Lathan mostly recently made headlines for the debut of her daring new look, a buzz cut for her role as Violet Jones in the upcoming Netflix adaptation of the Trisha R. Thomas book series Nappily Ever After.


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