Carmelo Anthony Launches Hurricane Relief Fund for Puerto Rico

In the wake of the powerful category 4 hurricane that ripped through the Caribbean, NBA star Carmelo Anthony has launched a relief fund for the people of Puerto Rico who were affected by Hurricane Maria. According to The Players Tribute, Anthony is raising money to aid the island’s financial recovery after the disastrous aftermath that killed at least 30 people in Puerto Rico and other countries.

“I’m half Puerto Rican, and I’m proud of it. Puerto Ricans are my people. But this is about more than that,” he wrote. “Puerto Ricans are our fellow Americans. Puerto Ricans are our fellow man. They need our help.”

Anthony then shared his feelings about the unnerving experience, saying that he hasn’t heard from his loved ones after trying to contact them for the past 24 hours. “It’s the worst feeling in the world. Imagine texting somebody you love and getting no response for more than a day. It’s been days of nothing, and I’m sitting here on pins and needles,” he shared. “I’m just hoping and praying that one person hits me back and gives me some kind of update on what’s going on — lets me know that everything’s OK. But I know it’s not OK.”

The former New York Knicks forward has set up a YouCaring donation page to help with relief efforts. With a goal to raise $1 million, Melo kicked off the fund with a $50,000 donation. “Puerto Rico is very near and dear to my heart. Through my foundation, I have been actively working to bring hope and improve the lives of under-served communities on the island,” the website states. “Hurricane Maria has caused catastrophic damage in Puerto Rico and the residents will need our help and support to rebuild.”

Along with Carmelo Anthony, Jennifer Lopez has stepped up to aid the island during its time of despair. The “Ain’t Your Mama” singer announced alongside New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, that she will donate a whopping $ 1 million to aid those devastated by Hurricane Maria. Being called the worst hurricane in a century, Maria has knocked out 95% of cell service and electricity to all 3.4 million residents.

Photo Credit: PR Photos