Tracy Morgan is Headed Back to the Small Screen in TBS Comedy ‘The Last O.G.’

Tracy Morgan is bringing his comedic talents back to the small screen with the forthcoming TBS comedy The Last O.G. Morgan will star as Tray, an ex-convict shocked to see how the changes in the world after being granted early release for good behavior on a 15-year prison sentence. Some of those changes include a very gentrified Brooklyn and a former girlfriend Shay (portrayed by Tiffany Haddish) very married to a wealthy white man (portrayed by Paul Gaul). Another plot twist? The swirl love couple are presenting a united force in the raising of Tray’s twin sons with Shay, sons he never even knew existed.

Cedric the Entertainer will also have a starring role in the comedy show, playing Miniard Mullins, a man who heads the halfway house that Tray resides in while he transitions back into society.

Being fresh out of jail, Tray doesn’t have money and has no connection with the kids he had no idea existed. He becomes a creature of habit and relies on what he has learned from his time in prison while acclimating to society.

Deadline reports that Morgan was recently asked at the Television Critics Association Thursday (July 28) if the series would “explore any social things that affect the black community?”

Morgan responded very firmly, “This is not a black show. This is a show about humanity, second chances, redemption. This isn’t a black show. …I want to transcend that. Black people aren’t the only ones who live there; there are white people coming home from prison too. I want to deal with the humanity.”

The Last O.G. features Morgan in his first major acting role since the 2014 near-death accident the comedian endured in New Jersey. The accident caused by a Walmart-operated tractor trailer truck left one dead and Morgan badly injured. He suffered from a broken leg, broken femur, broken ribs, broken nose, and had to have surgery on his leg immediately after the collision.

The comedian underwent rehab and treatment for traumatic brain injury. And in 2014, sued Walmart for negligence. In May 2015, Morgan settled the lawsuit against Walmart for an undisclosed amount.

The Last O.G. was created by Jordan Peele (Get Out) and John Carcieri and is slated to premiere on TBS October 24.

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