The Sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Serve Us Black Girl Magic Goals with Viral Melanin Illustrated Photo Shoot

In case you missed it, thanks to the Beta Alpha chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, we were given the black girl magic photo shoot of our dreams. The sisters decided to commemorate their decade-long anniversary of becoming a part of the Florida A&M University sorority in a unique and shamelessly melanated way. To commemorate becoming sisters in the spring of 2007, the ladies took to the beach and gave us a shoot aptly titled, “Melanin Illustrated” to honor their sisterhood as well as black beauty in all its bronzed glory.

Organized by LaToya Owens, the group of 56 ladies, between the ages of 29-35, took to the sandy beaches of Costa Rica during their three-day trip to the country. “Being in a sisterhood means having a support system and someone always there to count on,” Owens told Yahoo! Style exclusively.

“We spent three days bonding and doing fun activities, and then we rented out a catamaran that took us to a private beach where we took the photos,” she continued.

The women coordinated beautifully, all wearing bathing suit looks that stuck to the theme of nude. The goal was to capture photos of these women that not only elevated the presence and the truth of black beauty, but also to show the power in empowering one another.

“Our sorority is all about black excellence. We want to serve as an example and [show] appreciation of black women,” Owens told the publication. “Our commitment is to scholarship and service, and this was to honor the sisterhood.”

The photos were put on Instagram and shared using the hashtags #TITEtakescostarica and #MelaninIllustrated. The photos went viral in no time at all! Check out a few of our favorites below.

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Go ‘head ladies, we see you!

Photo Credit: Instagram/@jacqhay

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