Marshawn Lynch Saves Famed Soul Food Restaurant by Buying It

Since 1967, Scends Restaurant and Bar has been a staple in the Emeryville, California community – and when word got out that the owner of the soul food institution was calling it quits, a long-time customer stepped up and decided to take over. However, the new owner isn’t a restaurateur at all – he’s football star Marshawn Lynch.

According to KTVU, the 79-year-old owner of the popular restaurant, Cassie Nickelson, says that plans on retiring in August and closing the doors of the establishment. However, when news of the closure broke, Lynch stepped in to make sure that Scends’ doors will stay open. According to Nickelson, the history between Lynch and the beloved restaurant goes way back – she recalls of a time when the Oakland Raiders running back would come in a get the best $1 meal anyone could buy.

“When he was 9 years old, he came across the street to get a hamburger and French fries,” Nickelson said. “25-cent French fries and a 75-cent hamburger.”

As KTVU reports, the menu is expected to have all the Scends Restaurant favorites including fried chicken, tilapia, and all the fixings. However, the store may get a little upgrade. Although there may be some change to the establishment, Scends’ manager Shawny Capla says the soul Nickelson brings will remain.

“I’m getting goosebumps. She’ll still be around. She’s been like all of our mother,” Capla said. “Her heart and the way that she gives back and people don’t even know that she gives back. It’s just amazing.”

Lynch’s purchase of the soul food establishment comes after the NFL star came out of a 14-month retirement. After announcing back in February 2016 that he was retiring from the NFL, Marshawn Lynch was officially reinstated as an active player and was set to join the Oakland Raiders.

As for Scends Restaurant and Bar, there will be a celebration honoring Nickelson July 29 at the soul food establishment. Be sure to check out the report about Scends below!

Photo Credit: Screencap/Fox KTVU