Roy Oliver Indicted For Murder After Fatal Shooting Death of Unarmed Teenager Jordan Edwards

Roy Oliver, the police officer responsible for the death of the unarmed black teenager Jordan Edwards is now in the process of being indicted for murder.

The officer, stationed in Balch Springs, Texas, shot 15-year-old Jordan Edwards in the head after shooting into the moving car that Edwards, his brother and two friends were in that were driving away from a party on April 29. The Edwards’ family lawyer, Lee Merritt commented on the case update on Twitter where he wrote: “A murder indictment for Roy Oliver is appropriate but the fact is it’s been +40 years since a cop was convicted in TX.”

When providing his side of the story for the record, Oliver initially claimed that the car the teens were driving was backing into the police officer’s car, which forced him to defend himself by aiming fire into the car. Later, the Balch Springs PD, as a unit, changed their story to adapt it to video footage that told a different story from Oliver’s initial one. In the video, it could be seen that the boys were in fact trying to drive away from the police car. The footage proved that Oliver lied and that his course of action did not align with the events that actually occurred.

News of Edward’s untimely death yet again sparked outrage among people who feel that the men and women who choose to serve and protect the community ultimately are the same people who are putting many in their graves way ahead of time for actions that don’t warrant being shot and killed. The mentality of police shouldn’t be shoot first and ask questions or lie about it later. 2017 has seen an increase in the number of police killings from last year.

In addition to the statement Merritt released on the behalf of the Edwards family, the lawyer also made a statement referring to how he felt the officers and the Balch Springs Police Department handled the events following the shooting improperly. Not only did a cop fire a weapon in a car full of unarmed teenagers unnecessarily, he also suggested that the boys were mistreated instead of being offered proper medical attention – as is protocol.

“They were immediately treated as common criminals by other officers; manhandled, intimidated and arrested while their brother lay dying in the front seat,” Merritt added.

Oliver is currently released out on $700,000 bail – the Dallas News reports. A trial date has not been set as of yet, but if Oliver is convicted, he can potentially serve a life sentence.

Photo Credit: Parker County Sheriff Office

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