Chance the Rapper Announces Multi-Million Dollar Funding Challenge to Uplift Chicago Youth

Chance the Rapper rides for his hometown harder than most. The Chicago native has been making it a point to give back to the city that bred and raised him by spreading positivity and encouragement among the youth of today. He does it with his music and has lately been taking things a step further by providing the city with donations, most notably a $1 million donation to Chicago Public School.

This Wednesday (June 14), Chano announced that he would be joining forces with the Go Innovation Challenge in collaboration with the Chicago Beyond philanthropic organization. Chicago Beyond is a non-profit that supports the youth of Chicago. The overall mission behind the venture between the Chance and Chicago Beyond is to collect innovative ideas that will make the Windy City into “a more positive place for the city’s youth,” Billboard reports.

According to the “No Problem” rapper, the collaborative initiative will be “sort of like a think tank of ideas” and will allow kids over the age of 13 to send in 90-second video pitches. If their pitch is selected, they will be able to earn $2 million to put their plan into action and make Chicago a better place. There is no limit to how many people can earn the “multiple” sets of $2 million but the money is coming from Liz Dozier and the Chicago Beyond fund.

Ideas can cover a variety of topics, including but not limited to education, creating safer communities, and jobs.

Dozier and Chano answered fan questions during a Facebook Live session. Chance echoed the call to action for the Go Innovation Challenge and also encouraged submissions from people outside of Chicago. Chance was able to give a summation of how he felt about various ideas when he answered a question from a viewer pitching an idea about opening a free recording studio in Chi Town, “If we think it’s applicable and it works, we’ll fully fund the idea and see how many people we can help… We would love to fund them as long as they positively affect the city of Chicago.”

Visit the Chicago Beyond website and submit your innovative ideas today. July 7 is the deadline for submissions.

Photo Credit: PR Photos

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