‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star DeMario Jackson Comments on the Alleged Sexual Misconduct Ordeal

ABC’s The Bachelor/The Bachelorette spin-off Bachelor in Paradise has been the center of a lot of controversy over the last week, and it is all revolving around cast members DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios. Production for the reality TV show has been suspended due to an investigation that is underway based on alleged misconduct occurring on set in Mexico.

The allegations started when a producer on the show reported that there was nonconsensual sexual activity as a third party complaint. According to reports, Jackson and Olympios hooked up during the first night of filming while heavily intoxicated. The producer who reported the incident is looking to sue production, thus triggering ABC and Warner Brothers’ investigation into what truly happened.

There has been speculation that the staff encouraged the hook up behind the scenes, knowing full well that Olympios was intoxicated and therefore could not give her consent, as well as the fact that Olympios had a boyfriend back home. Olympios has since lawyered up, according to reports.

On the other side of things is Jackson, who is desperately trying to clear his name now that the media is dragging him in the dirt with all of the allegations circling around. Per TMZ, it has been reported that Jackson has had a lawyer reach out and contact Warner Brothers to request the tape of the incident be released.

Additionally, Jackson wants Warner Brothers to release the footage they have independently if they won’t permit him to have a copy. He would also like the distribution company to give a statement that clarifies that he isn’t under investigation and that it is the show that is under investigation.

The damage might already be done to the former The Bachelorette contestant who doesn’t seem to be having the greatest luck with his pursuit of reality TV fame.

In a statement Jackson gave to photogs while out and about in Los Angeles on Tuesday (June 13), he seemed to bear no will towards Olympios. Regarding her, he said that Olympios is “an awesome girl and that’s all I have to say.”

Since the incident, the show has been on hold, but it has been said that the show will not likely continue filming. However, an official statement has not been released from Warner Brothers regarding the future of the show.

Photo Credit: ABC

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