Sasha Obama’s Real Name is Revealed… And Everyone is Shook

Over the weekend, former president Barack Obama’s youngest daughter, Sasha Obama celebrated her 16th birthday. From the looks of the photos shared of the Obamas, Sasha has matured since we were first introduced to the Obama family back in 2008. Thousands took to twitter to gush over the former first daughter’s stunning looks, however, there was one tweet that caught everyone’s attention.

June 11, Refinery29 senior features writer Ashley Ford, dropped a bombshell that has everyone saying, “WHAT?!”

Yes, you read that correctly, her name is Natasha and it turns out that Sasha is simply a nickname. According to the Huffington Post, Obama went by her formal name when she worked at Martha’s Vineyard last summer and it became more public after news stories featured it when the news broke about her summer gig.

Many Twitter users like the rest of us were in complete shock in light of the news about the youngest Obama’s real name… and we don’t blame them.

According to Refinery29, her name Infoplease page reads, “Her formal name is Natasha, but she is most often called by her nickname, Sasha.” Her name is also listed as Natasha Obama on her Wikipedia page. So the question for us is, how did we not know this?

Photo Credit: The Shade Room/Instagram