New Details from the 2005 Bill Cosby Police Interview Revealed During Sexual Assault Trial

On the fourth day of Bill Cosby’s trial, some shocking new details were revealed, and all of them were from Cosby’s 2005 controversial police interview. In what is believed to be the closest the public will get to a testimony from Bill Cosby, this old admittance being added to the record in his ongoing sexual assault case may prove to be detrimental to the comedian.

In the Montgomery County Courthouse, just outside of Philadelphia, the trial started nearly an hour and a half late after much debate of whether or not Cosby’s own words from his police interview could be used in full or partially. After coming to a compromise, the trial began and kicked off with Cosby’s words from the 2005 retelling of accuser Andrea Constand, who alleged that he drugged and assaulted her.

Cosby did not take the stand, even to read the interview. Instead, it was read for him.

“There was petting and touching of private parts,” Cosby revealed to police back in 2005.

What followed that statement was a story that differed greatly from the one the courtroom heard from Constand the day before. In the interview, Cosby admitted to having a consensual casual relationship with Constand and even giving her pills while at his home one evening when she said she was not able to get to sleep. He even went on to say that he felt “comfortable doing that,” in reference to providing the accuser with pills.

He also revealed that the pills he provided Constand with was Benadryl. In Constand’s testimony the day before, she said she remembered the pills she was given being blue. She also kept insisting that her consent was never given for any sexual contact that occurred between them due to the fact that she was under the influence. Constand revealed to the court during her testimony that she did not come to consciousness until the morning after her assault and noticed then that her bra was undone and that her clothes were a mess.

From the police report, Chelten Township policeman Richard Schaffer shared with the court that Cosby said, “I never intended to have sexual intercourse [with Constand].”

Although “petting” did occur, it did not go any further because Constand was conscious and did not give her consent. She rejected his advances. “My impression,” Cosby said in the 2005 interview, “was she just didn’t want to go that far.”

After the alleged drugging and assault, it is unknown whether Constand and Cosby maintained contact. Constand however did leave her position with Temple as University sports director for Toronto.

Cosby also recalled being on the receiving end of a confrontation with Constand’s mother via phone. The conversation may or may not have been recorded. But, during that call, Cosby offered to foot the bill for Constand’s graduate school tuition.

Years ago, in the interview, he explained to investigators that the reason behind him offering to act as a personal bank was because he thought Constand suffered from ADD or another learning disability. Ultimately, he viewed himself as “father figure” and a “mentor.”

The trial is still ongoing.

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