Jay Z’s 4:44 Teaser Turns Out to be a Movie Starring Mahershala Ali and Lupita Nyong’o

The mystery has been solved! 4:44 that many believed was a potential Jay Z album turned out to be a movie starring Academy Award-winning actors Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong’o, and Danny Glover.

After mysterious ads featuring the time 4:44 began popping up all over New York City, fans of the Brooklyn born rapper began to speculate it was a forthcoming album… but that’s not the case. During Game 3 of 2017 NBA Finals, a clip produced by the streaming service Tidal and Sprint played during a commercial break. In the 57-second trailer, we see Mahershala Ali hitting a punching bag, along with Danny Glover to be what seems like a boxing trainer. At the end of the clip, the credits list Ali, Glover, and Nyong’o as stars. The trailer also shares where fans can access the film, and of course it’s none other than Tidal, the streaming service owned by Jay Z.

According to The Verge, the partnership with Sprint on 4:44 is no surprise, particularly because the company bought 33 percent stake in Tidal in January 2017. At the time of the partnership, Sprint said the deal would allow Tidal subscribers “unlimited access to exclusive artist content not available anywhere else.”

Back in May, Swizz Beats had fans in a frenzy after posting a photo him and Jay Z, hinting the music mogul was back on his music game. “They don’t even know what’s about to happen Album ModeZone⚡️,” the producer/rapper wrote on Instagram.

They don’t even know what’s about to happen Album ModeZone⚡️

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Maybe Jay Z is following in his wife’s footsteps, who also released a film to coordinate with her album Lemonade? We’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled for more of 4:44 and, for those who haven’t checked out the trailer for the film, be sure to watch below!

Photo Credit: PR Photos