Nicki Minaj Addresses Nas Dating Rumors: ‘I Might Make an Exception to the Rule for Him’

Days after her buzzed about nine minute opener at the Billboard Music Awards over the weekend, Nicki Minaj dropped by The Ellen Show for a guest appearance. There, she addressed dating rumors that have been circulating about her relationship with legendary rapper Nas.

DeGeneres jumped right into grilling Minaj about her romantic life, but did so the subtlest way possible. By asking her about an outfit she donned at the most recent Paris Fashion Week. There, the rapper wore a breast-baring garment and a metal pasty in a very a la Lil’ Kim moment. DeGeneres asked does she prefer the breast she showed over the other she kept hidden. Minaj replied, “I’m an equal opportunity boob-show-er. Neither of my breasts gets preference… I love them both.”

“Good for you,” Ellen said. “Does Nas like both of them the same as well?”

Minaj burst into spontaneous laughter, more than likely caught off guard by the question as much as the audience was. Although Minaj did not come out with a solid yes or no to DeGeneres’ question, or her follow-up question of whether the rumors of the pair dating was true, Minaj did give the rapper tons of praise. “He’s so dope… He’s a king – he’s such a king,” she said. “Shout out to Queens, New York, we’re both from Queens. He is the king of Queens, and I’d like to think I’m the queen of Queens. He’s a rap legend, so let’s just say I have a lot of respect for that. And he’s kinda cute too.”

Though she tried to play coy, there were a lot of hints that the rumor is actually a reality for the two rappers hailing from Queens. DeGeneres then posed the question of whether the two of them had had sleepovers yet. Minaj giggled again, before answering honestly, “We have!”

“Let me clarify, we didn’t do…” she added.

“The nasty?” DeGeneres finished.

“No… because I’m just chilling right now, I’m celibate. I wanted to go a year without dating any man, I hate men. But I might make an exception to the rule for him because he’s dope,” Minaj revealed.

She also told the popular talk show host that Nas knew about the interview and wanted her to say hello to her on his behalf. She also added that the “One Mic” rapper might not be too keen on her talking about him or their budding relationship. “Sorry,” she said to the camera with a smile.

Only KINGS recognize QUEENS. @sweetchicklife has the best food congrats @nas

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Rumors of Minaj and Nas being more than friends sparked when she posted a photo of the two of them booed up on her Instagram a couple of weeks back. Minaj was when a highly publicized relationship with rapper Meek Mill until the pair split January of this year. The relationship as well as the lengthy relationship with her ex fiancé and childhood sweetheart Safaree before it might have prompted the rapper’s celibacy vow and caused her to close up shop for a year.

Maybe Nas has the key.

Watch the clip of the interview below.

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