Dallas Infant Dies After Babysitter Could Not Reach 911, Mother is Now Suing T-Mobile

An infant in Dallas died after babysitter could not get help from 911. The mother, Bridget Alex, is now suing T-Mobile for the death of her son.

CNN reports – in the lawsuit, Alex claims the babysitter could not connect with 911 after trying to call several times yesterday (May 11). T-Mobile’s software failed to provide the dispatch service with the location. The babysitter contacted Alex, who raced home to bring her son to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. According to the Colin County Medical Examiner, the cause of death for baby Brandon has not been determined.

A distraught Alex told KTVT, “He was only six months,” she said. “It wasn’t his time,” CNN reports.

Alex is pursuing damages and compensation for “mental anguish, loss of consortium, grief, bereavement, loss of future financial contributions, loss of services, loss of advice, care and counsel.” She is also seeking aid for “medical, funeral, and burial expenses.”

T-Mobile has now made efforts to fix its cell phone network to try and solve the problem since the death of the six-month-old. According to city officials, the Dallas emergency call center added operators to relieve the amount of “Ghost Calls.”

Back in April, the Dallas Police Department revealed an overview that reported the understaffing at the call center, which caused the slow 911 response times for months throughout 2016 and 2017. This time included the same time Brandon passed. The CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere spoke with the Dallas city manager and said crews will work in the city until the issue is ironed out.

Photo Credit: KTVT/Screenshot