Viral Video: LottaBody “aLottaLove” Campaign Shows Other Brands How It’s Done

Not too long ago, Shea Moisture released a horrendous ad that received a lot of backlash after being accused of completely abandoning their core consumer base who supported them for years: African American women. However, it’s apparent that ethnic hair brand, LottaBody, took notes from the mishaps from Shea Moisture and Pepsi and it shows in a newly released extended length commercial that has actually gone viral.

The #AlottaLove ad revives a popular social experiment seen widely on YouTube years ago. It features complete strangers coming together to share a kiss. However, the video differs by integrating a clever tagline to tie in their product offerings: “Hair and Kisses Have One Thing in Common… They’re Unforgettable When Done Right.”

The viral video surfaced last week on social media and the comments have been overflowing with praise!

The #ALottaLove ad differs from the tone deaf “Everyone Gets Love” ad Shea Moisture release back in April of 2017. The ad featured women talking about the “hair hate” they received – but what got people really talking was the addition of Caucasian women and the obvious absence of women of color. The Shea Moisture ad came after Pepsi released an ad that many saw as a mockery of the Black Lives Matters movement. Both Shea Moisture and Pepsi immediately removed their ads after receiving a great deal of negative backlash for their treacherous ads.

Great job Lottabody. We can’t wait to see what you have in store next.

Photo Credit: LottaBody