Phaedra Parks Is Not Returning to ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Next Season

It has been a rumor for a while that Phaedra Parks was the only peach that did not receive her contract renewal papers for what will be the tenth season of the hit Bravo reality series. According to TMZ, the self-proclaimed Southern belle attorney that some viewers of the show have now named “Phakedra” has been fired. The star spent the bulk of the season – as well as her time on the series – wrapped up and perpetrating lies. Things came to a head when her estranged husband Apollo Nida was imprisoned for eight years on fraud charges and Parks tried to file for divorce from him a year later in 2015. The judge approved the filing, but then reversed it last year after realizing that Nida was not served the divorce papers in a proper manner or given notice of a final hearing.

That would be lie number one that played out on the overblown four-part Real Housewives of Atlanta where Parks even took it upon herself to present “evidence” of their divorce while at the reunion. The second lie came as a surprise to most of the women and even host/producer Andy Cohen when fellow housewife Porsha Williams dropped the bomb that the rumor of Kandi Burruss’ alleged night of drugging and taking Williams to a “sex dungeon” to take advantage of her was a rumor started by Ms. Phaedra. The nasty rumor was not only a lie, but it was also downright vicious and criminalizing of Burruss’ character and overall brand. To be gossiped about and dragged for a one-liner read in the confessionals is one thing, but to have the cloud of a rape allegation looming over your head for much of the ninth season due to an unfounded rumor is another thing completely.

Phaedra’s lie meant rape was heavily implied about Burruss. It is slander, defamation, and just not right. Luckily, producers of the show agree and let Phaedra go as a result of her actions. To put it simply, the woman just lies too much, and it’s one thing to damage your own character, but to damage someone else’s? She had to go.

TMZ reports that the firing might have come about as early as the beginning of April. Since the fourth part of the finale airing, all RHOA references on Phaedra’s social media has gone conveniently missing. That’s karma no doubt.

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