Watch the Trailer: Idris Elba Stars in the Action-Packed Adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Dark Tower’

Idris Elba is back and blessing us with yet another action film! In the adaptation of Stephen King’s popular series The Dark Tower, Elba stars as the bad-ass Gunslinger facing off against Matthew McConaughey fighting for the fabled Dark Tower.

According to Deadline, the film tells the post-apocalyptic story of the Gunslinger, Ronald Deschain (Elba), who is seeking a Dark Tower, the center of the space-time continuum that would preserve his dying world. During the journey, Elba faces off with The Man in Black (McConaughey) who is fixated on preventing him from “toppling the Tower.” However, caught in the battle of “good vs. evil” is young Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) who is trained by the Gunslinger but the “earthly visions” he had of him turns out to be far the truth.

Directed by Nikolaj Arcel (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, A Royal Affair, and The Absent One) the film is based on Stephen King’s best-selling eight-book series. As reported by Deadline, the film pulls themes and story threads from the books. With Ron Howard (Apollo 13, Jay Z: Made in America) serving as producer alongside Arcel, it is said that ‘Dark Tower’ also pays homage to other Stephen King novels, including The Shining. 

Both Elba and McConaughey played up the trailers release on Twitter. On Tuesday (May 2), the two had an exchange that had fans anticipating the film’s release in a frenzy.

Dark Tower is expected to hit theaters August 6th! Be sure to check out the trailer below.