Police Officers Change Their Story In the Case of the Jordan Edwards Fatal Shooting: They “Misspoke”

Another life was lost earlier this week when early Monday morning, a fatal shooting was reported in the Texas town of Balch Springs. At the hands of a police officer, a 15-year-old African American was killed by an officer on the Balch Springs Police Department. His name was Jordan Edwards.

The incident itself occurred Saturday night (April 29) at around 11 p.m. in a Dallas suburb. Police had been called to that neighborhood to investigate an out of control house party. Jordan Edwards, and four others, had left the house and the party. According to Lee Merritt, a lawyer representing Jordan Edward’s family, the straight-A Mesquite High School student and his friends left the party after hearing gunshots go off.

From there, they were confronted by a police officer who was shouting on the street. After hearing more gunshots, the group of boys went inside of their vehicle to drive away from the imminent danger. Jordan Edwards’ 16-year-old older brother was the driver and Jordan was the passenger. Another round of gunshots went off, and the boys attempted to leave, not realizing that another round of gunshots came from the officer directly into the car. This was how Jordan Edward’s received his mortal gunshot wound to the head.

Three shots in total were fired into the vehicle from the officer’s rifle.

The teens drove the vehicle about a block away from the party in an effort to locate an emergency vehicle. Jordan Edwards was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The death was ruled a homicide by the Dallas County Medical Examiner on Monday (May 1).

On Monday (May 1), initially, police claimed that the reason for the shots fired was the fact that the car of the five boys was “backing down the street” in “an aggressive manner”, thus the officer confronted the boys and then fired.

Hours later, however, the first statements delivered from the Balch Springs Police Department were null and void as the department admitted a different truth. After reviewing the footage provided on the unidentified officer’s body-cam, the Police Chief, Jonathan Haber, gave a new account of Saturday night’s deadly confrontation.

According to Dallas News, Haber said that he “misspoke” and that the teen behind the wheel (Jordan Edward’s brother) “at first backed down the street but was fleeing the scene when the officer opened fire.”

This corroborates the other eye witness accounts given by the other four survivors of the Saturday night shooting. Haber added, “It did not meet our core values.”

Even so, the still unnamed officer has not been fired and has received an administrative paid leave for the time being. Edwards’ parents are very adamant in their want for the officer to be fired, arrested, and charged for the murder of their son. According to their attorney, Lee Merritt, to them, that is JUSTICE FOR JORDAN.

“We are declaring war on bad policing. This has happened far too often,” he said. “We are tired of making the same rhetorical demands, of having the same hashtags; our community is fed up with the same tired excuses, once again offered by Balch Springs Police Department yesterday, that this was somehow the fault of the victims—teenage kids with no criminal records, with no motive to attempt to hurt anyone, with no evidence that they ever attempted to hurt anyone.”

The fatal shooting of Jordan Edwards is currently being investigated by the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, the Balch Springs Police Department, and the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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