Will Smith Stars in new Netflix Original Movie, ‘Bright’

During an unforgettable Academy Awards ceremony, Netflix released the trailer for its new action-packed film, Bright, which stars Will Smith and more!

The 30-second trailer doesn’t give much about the plot of the new film but it’s definitely got people talking.  The film, written by Max Landis, will be directed by David Ayer who also directed Suicide Squad. The Netflix original film is said to be set in an alternate present-day where humans live amongst creatures like orcs, elves and fairies.

Smith plays a human cop who is partnered with his orc counterpart, Loving Joel Edgerton. The film is said to revolve around a routine patrol night where Smith and Edgerton encounter a “Darkness that will ultimately alter the future and their world as they know.”

According to Digital Spy, Netflix reportedly outbid the likes Warner Bros/MGM for the rights to Bright and paid an additional $45 million for talent adding another $45 million for shooting and $5 million for the screenplay. Whew!

Bright, which also stars 30 Rock’s Margaret Cho, Noomi Rapace, and Edgar Ramierz, is set to hit Netflix December 2017.

Watch the trailer below

Photo Credit: PRPhotos