Hampton University President Is Not a Fan of BET’s ‘The Quad’

The Quad Hampton president letter The President of Hampton University has publically made his feelings about BET’s new drama The Quad, which focuses on the goings on at a fictional HBCU, known- and they’re nothing positive.

The new show, which focuses on the scandalous lives of various students and faculty at Georgia A&M University, put a bad taste in Hampton President William R. Harvey’s mouth and he penned a 3-page letter, addressed to BET’s Debra Lee, disavowing the series. He blasts the new show for its lack of focus on academics and negative overall depiction of the real institutions.

“First, I would like to thank Jasmine Guy for the one academic scene in The Quad series about the mythical and fictitious Georgia A&M University in which students are seated in a classroom. I also enjoyed the beginning of the discussion about Africans enslaving Africans. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy any other scenes in the show because of their negative depictions of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).”

He also noted that the show was “devoid of any reference to academics” and will “lead many to believe that HBCUs exist because of their marching bands; that our presidents are unethical; that our boards are dysfunctional and have misplaced priorities” and more. President Harvey goes on to point out specific positive aspects of HBCUs that the show could have chosen to focus on and asks all involved to “reconsider” The Quad’s “negative monolithic messaging.”

Read President Harvey’s full letter over at HBCU Digest.

Photo Credit: The Quad/Twitter