Twitter Responds to Cartoon Comparing Betsy DeVos to Ruby Bridges

DeVos cartoon Ruby BridgesA cartoon published in the Belleville News Democrat that draws comparisons between Betsy DeVos, the controversial Secretary of Education, and Ruby Bridges, a little girl-and Black History icon-who was one of the first students to desegregate her school.

The cartoon, drawn by conservative artist Glenn McCoy, depicts DeVos in representation that’s very reminiscent of Norman Rockwell’s iconic “The Problem We All Live With” painting, only instead of little Ruby Bridges being surrounded by U.S. marshals, McCoy’s illustration depicts DeVos surrounded by guards. In the original Rockwell painting, Bridges walks past graffiti that reads “n-gger”, but in McCoy’s “Trying to trash Betsy DeVos”, the word is replaced with “conservative.”

DeVos made headlines recently when she was blocked from entering a DC middle school and fled the premises.

Safe to say, Twitter is not impressed by the comparison. Backlash against the cartoon began almost immediately, with people taking to social to remark on the unequal comparisons.

Take a look at some responses below:

Photo Credit: Glenn McCoy/Norman Rockwell