‘Black Love Power’ Campaign Seeks to Normalize Images of Black Love

Black love power“Black Love Power” is a new moment launched in hopes of filling a void by spreading positive images of black people engaging in acts of love.

Started by activists and media professionals Michaela Angela Davis and Dabo Ché, the photos, available on their website and across various social media platforms, all feature many different kinds of couples and relationships with one thing in common, they’re all black and they all love one another. The two were tired of the lack of imagery featuring people of color engaging in affection, whereas imagery featuring violence and black tragedy is abundant.

According to their website, “Black Love Power is a movement that evokes, magnifies, and celebrates the Power of Black Love.”

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“Black is big, generous and mystical. Love is the most transformative energy there is. Power is what all people want. So Black Love Power, for me, is a reinforcement of, who we are, what we’re made of and what we have,” Davis told The Huffington Post. “In this political climate and always, it is a radical act, an act of resistance even, for Black folks to love each other boldly, out in the open-repetitiously.”

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All of the photos featured were taken by black photographers and Ché hopes that the project will “make us less reactionary to how other people treat us and more proactive about how we treat each other and focus on how we want to build a sustainable future.”

Photo Credit: Black Love Power/Instagram