This Year’s Must See Horror Film ‘Get Out’ Debuts New Artwork

Created by Emmy-winning comedian Jordan Peele, Get Out tells the story of an African-American man who heads upstate to meet his white girlfriend’s parents for the first time- a trip that he’ll never forget, assuming he survives it.

According to Vibe,  the film allows viewers to witness “bits and pieces of racially-toned conversations and awkward “did you really just say that?” moments. Through suspense, comedy and fear, the film shows the issues surrounding white privilege, and how it impacts black culture.”

“It is a very personal story,” Peele previously told Forbes in an interview. “It’s a horror movie that is from an African American’s perspective. It very quickly veers off from anything autobiographical, but I think what interested me most about this movie was dealing with racism, really everything from the subtle racism that many people may not know exists on a day to day basis, or for a lot of people.

…To the more extreme racism and everything in between. When I talk about movies like Rosemary’s Baby and Stepford Wives, I really noticed that these movies were able to address fears surround the women’s lib movement in a way that was engaging, not preachy, but fun.”

Get out stars Daniel Kaluuya (Black Panther, Black Mirror) and Allison Williams (Girls, Peter Pan Live!) as the couple, Chris and Rose, with Bradley Whitford (West Wing, Cabin in the Woods) and Catherine Keener (40-Year-Old Virgin, Bad Grandpa) as Rose’s parents.

Take a look at the new artwork below:

                                        Photo Credit: Get Out/Universal via Vibe

                                           Photo Credit: Get Out/Universal via Vibe

If you haven’t already seen it, check out the creepy trailer below:

Get Out heads to theaters February 24.

Photo Credit: Get Out/Youtube Screenshot