Black Hollywood Reacts to End of Obama Presidency

Black hollywood Obamas exit As the sun sets on the Obamas’ reign as First Family, celebs have begun expressing their mixture of emotions across social media.

It’s no secret that president-elect Trump isn’t highly favored among the black community, but now that the time has come to say goodbye to America’s first black President and First Family, social media has exploded with tributes, memories and thank yous to the Obamas. POTUS and his family worked closely with various members of the black entertainment community throughout his two terms in hopes of inspiring change and motivating America’s youth to be compassionate active citizens.

Now those same entertainers have expressed how sad they’ll be to see him leave office.

“I think President Barack Obama’s impact will be felt far and wide for many years to come,” said American Crime Story star Courtney B. Vance, according to Buzzfeed. “I believe that he will ultimately go down as one of the greatest presidents of all time. And I say this not just because he impacted artists of all hues and colors. I say this because he and his wife were the right people at the right time. Through their dignity, compassion, and kindness, our country was viewed as a dignified, compassionate, and kind country. He continually attempted to appeal to the greater good, to the best in all of us. He continually tried to remind us that our country works best when all of us are succeeding and prospering; and that if one portion of us is struggling, we are all struggling. And that is not just a president for artists. That is a president for all people…and for all time.”

Scroll down to see more celeb reactions to the Obamas’ final days in the White House below:

You will be missed. #44 @Regrann from @alecmapa

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@MichelleObama, may you continue to shine your light and impact future generations to come! #TBT

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Thank you for everything,on so many levels. #GoodbyeObamas #USorELSE

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Today is a day I've been dreading. The last day of President and First Lady Obama as my nation's leaders. In the culture of Zimbabwe where my parents are from, it is said that to not say 'thank you' is witchcraft. I must thank these two astounding, inspirational individuals. I thank you for being teachers and guides through these formative years of my adulthood. You have taught me what grace, elegance, determination and leadership really look like. You have taught me about humanity, maturity, kindness and integrity. You have taught me, through profound example, about rising above, about how to truly win a fight, through a refusal to sink to your opponent's level, and by keeping your eyes firmly on the prize. It is deeply saddening to me that I never got to meet you in the eight years you occupied the White House, though I was thrilled that you did come to watch a play I was in (the Broadway revival of August Wilson's "Joe Turner's Come and Gone"). In spite of that, over these eight years I was always comforted in knowing that the manning of this great ship called America was being done by you. You've been thoughtful, concerned, considerate, incredibly diligent, resourceful and innovative. You have left this country and its citizens so much better off than you found us. You brought humor, class, coolness and accessibility to the highest office in the land; reminding us that you were one of us and were looking out for us in so many ways. It is through the guidance of your shining example that I will deal with this transition. With grace. I will choose to never give up and to continue to find ways to participate, to contribute, to push forward. With hope. In appreciation of all you have done and the great fight you have fought. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

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"The one true king and queen of the North."

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