Fox Releases Three New 60s-Inspired ‘Hidden Figures’ Posters

HiddenFigures_Katerine_Johnson_Poster_featuredJust in time for Hidden Figures’ wide release on January 6th, 20th Century Fox has released 3 new 1960s-inspired posters to take us all back to the era of the Space Race.

Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe star as Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson respectively- if you don’t recognize those names then American History has failed you, but you will soon. These three black women were the mathematical minds responsible for launching astronaut John Glenn into orbit and helping the US win the Space Race. The film also stars Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, Jim Parsons, Mahershala Ali, Aldis Hodge, Glen Powell & Kimberly Quinn.

FOX debuted the three new posters to celebrate the film’s release (it opened in limited release on Christmas, but will be available everywhere Jan 6) – each poster features one of the incredible women computers.

Henson revealed that part of the reason she was inspired to sign on to the project is because before receiving the script, she’d never heard of the women. “I didn’t know [the story] until I got the script,” Taraji P. Henson previously told Deadline. “And I went to an historically black university, where Ron McNair – who died in the [Space Shuttle] launch to space – [had attended]. I actually studied electrical engineering. I failed, but I was there. And this man has a building named after him. If it wasn’t for Katherine Johnson, there would have been no Ron. But hey, who am I? Never heard of her. I was annoyed. I was mad. And this became my passion project. I was like, ‘I have to do this movie.’”

Take a look at the cool new posters and watch the trailer for the inspirational true story below:

‘Hidden Figures’ Posters

Octavia Spencer as Dorothy Vaughan

Taraji P. Henson as Katherine Johnson

Janelle Monae as Mary Jackson

‘Hidden Figures’ Official Trailer

See Hidden Figures in theaters everywhere this Friday, January 6th.

Photo Credit: 20th Century FOX