President Obama Voted Most Admired Man of 2016

President Obama has taken the title of America’s most admired man for the 9th year in a row this year, beating out President-elect Donald Trump.

Gallup conducted their annual poll and found that 22% named Obama in response to the open-ended question, making this POTUS’ ninth year topping the list. Following behind him with 15% of the votes is Donald Trump, who made this the President’s narrowest win so far.

Hillary Clinton took the title for Most Admired Woman 2016 with 12% of the votes. She was followed closely by First Lady Michelle Obama, who received 8%. Clinton’s #1 makes this her 15th consecutive year with the title and 21st time overall.

Gallup also reports that “all of this year’s leading women have finished in the top 10 multiple times before, led by Queen Elizabeth’s record 48. Winfrey’s 29th top 10 finish this year moved her ahead of Jacqueline Kennedy for the third-most-frequent appearances behind Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher (34).”

Take a look at the top 10 most admired men and women, according to the poll, below:

Most Admired Men

1. Barack Obama
2. Donald Trump
3. Pope Francis
4. Bernie Sanders
5. Rev. Billy Graham
6t. Benjamin Netanyahu
6t. The Dalai Lama
6t. Bill Clinton
6t. Bill Gates
10. Mike Pence

Most Admired Women

1. Hillary Clinton
2. Michelle Obama
3. Angela Merkel
4. Oprah Winfrey
5. Ellen DeGeneres
6. Queen Elizabeth
7. Malala Yousafzai
8. Condoleezza Rice
9. Elizabeth Warren
10. Sarah Palin

Photo Credit: Janet Mayer /