Van Jones Talks Giving Trump a Chance with ‘The View’

van-jones-the-view-trumpVan Jones stopped by The View to chat with the ladies about politics, more specifically his feeling on America’s President-Elect Donald Trump.

The political journalist went viral after his comments immediately following the Trump victory, calling his winning a “whitelash” and getting emotional while thinking about how he’d have to explain the win to his children. Now Jones has had a few weeks to let the news simmer and stopped by The View to share his feelings on the now-popular saying that everyone should just “give Trump a chance.”

“This is important to me because people keep saying we have to give him a chance, and we do have to give him a chance,” he told the ladies about his thoughts on giving the President-elect a shot. “But we don’t have to give him a pass on everything and we don’t have to give him a pass on the things they never gave Obama a pass for.”

During his visit, Jones also addressed the fact that both political parties have some issues they need to address. “Both political parties right now, I think have big problems and they don’t want to discuss it, and if you discuss it you get in trouble. Liberals and Democrats, we see ourselves as the champions of the poor and the downtrodden. That’s how we see ourselves. But we have somehow let a little camp of elitist sounding, snobby people come into the party, and it’s obnoxious and they talk down to people and everybody hates it! And if you say that as a Democrat they say what are you talking about, but everybody knows we have a problem with elitism.”

“And then with the Republicans,” he continued, “they see themselves as a party of colorblind individualism and that’s beautiful, but they have somehow created a space for a small number of racially hateful people to come in their party and they’ve got to deal with that too! Both parties got problems!”

See what else Van had to say during his visit with the ladies of The View below:

Photo Credit: The View/ Youtube Screenshot