Nas to Donate a Portion of Santa Sweater Profits to Justice Reform Organization

Nas is doing his part to give back for the holidays- the rapper has released a line of Kneeling Santa sweaters in his HSTRY clothing line and will be using a portion of the proceeds to do some good.

The rapper’s line has released a new collection of Santa sweaters and revealed that a portion of the profits will be donated to The Center for Court Innovation, “which seeks to help create a more effective and humane justice system, reducing both crime and incarceration.” The Center was founded as a public/private partnership between the New York State Unified Court System and the Fund for the City of New York. According to the its website, projects include “community-based violence prevention projects, alternatives to incarceration, reentry initiatives, court-based programs that seek to promote positive individual and family change, and many others.”

The design is undoubtely a callback to Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the National Anthem, which was done to draw attention to the racial violence and inequality that takes place in America.

Nas previosly told GQ what he tells others who ask him what’s wrong with America, saying:

I say America’s about fighters, and we fight each other sometimes, but that’s what family does. I try to make up shit, because it’s embarrassing, and they see through it. If the plane brings me to Paris and all over the news is the police shooting down dark people in the streets? I’d look at all of them as savages. And I’d say, “Wow, what’s wrong?” It’s transparent. They see what’s going on over here. And they laugh at our government and law enforcement. That’s one more for them. They’re really the civilized ones. And they see everyone as being more civilized than America. And we’ve got nothing to say.

The Kneeling Santa sweaters are available in black, red and green and sell for $45 each.

Photo Credit: HSTRY/Instagram