Prince’s Estate Turns Down TIDAL’s Unreleased Music Bid

prince-tidal-no-dealWelp, it looks like Jay Z and the folks over at Tidal won’t be adding unreleased music from Prince to their catalogue any time soon.

Jay Z lost out on the music after placing an alleged $40 million bid on the late legend’s catalogue in October, but but having that bid rejected by Prince’s estate. According to TMZ, “the estate fired off a letter to Jay’s team last month, saying it had no interest in signing a deal for “Roc Nation to exploit any of the intellectual property assets of the Estate.””

The estate is also reportedly unhappy with Tidal making 15 of Prince’s albums available for streaming shortly after his death- especially seeing as how all of the releases were unauthorized.

One thing that the estate does acknowledge is the deal Prince and Jay made for the release of his final album HitNRun Phase One. The only issue there is they haven’t found proof of payment that was made to close the deal.

Hopefully all of these matters can be settled outside of the courtroom.

Photo Credit: Prince/Instagram