Dave Chappelle’s Successful ‘SNL’ Debut Delivers Record Ratings

dave-chappelle-snl-ratingsDave Chappelle’s SNL debut brought a huge win for the series- the comedian’s appearance, along with musical guests A Tribe Called Quest, landed the show record-breaking ratings.

Thanks to the show’s guests, Saturday Night Live saw its “highest overnight results so far this season and its top adult 18-49 rating in Nielsen’s local-people-meter markets since December 2013,” according to a press release. The evening delivered 6.2M (million) Live+same day viewers and 3.9M with adults in the 18-49 y/o age range. The last time the series rated that high was in 2012 with host Charles Barkley and musical guest Kelly Clarkson, following an NFL Playoff overrun. Taking the overrun out of the equation, the last time SNL rated higher was in 2011, with host Justin Timberlake and musical guest Lady Gaga.

One of the most talked about skits from Chappelle’s debut on the sketch comedy show is when he brought back some of his beloved Chappelle’s Show characters, including Lil Jon and Tyrone Biggums, in- a hilarious Walking Dead crossover. That’s right-one of the Chappelle’s Show classics doesn’t make it out alive (or does he?)!

Another moment from the show that gained a lot of attention was the Chappelle’s opening monologue. In it, he focuses on the election, talking Trump and chiding America for electing “an Internet troll as our president.” Towards the end, however, he gets serious, giving the audience a lesson in Black History as it pertains to the White House, and using that as a segue into saying that he’ll give Trump a chance. “I’m going to give him a chance, and we, the historically disenfranchised, demand that he give us one, too.”

I think it’s safe to say- we all needed a little Chappelle in our lives.

Photo Credit: SNL/Instagram