Michelle Obama Has Some #MannequinChallenge Fun with Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers visited the White House one last time before the Obamas leave for good, and the team made the best of their day by getting in on the #MannequinChallenge fun with FLOTUS herself!

The challenge has taken the Internet by storm recently, with celebs like “Black Beatles” singers Rae Sremmurd, actual Beatle, Paul McCartney, Destiny’s Child, Kevin Hart and more participating. Now, the 2016 NBA Champions have thrown their hat in the challenge ring and taken it up a level by getting First Lady Michelle Obama to participate.

“Freezing our @WhiteHouse visit in time forever with @FLOTUS!” reads the caption for the team’s video. Check out the classy take on the challenge below!

Lebron James posted his own version of the team and FLOTUS taking on the challenge as well. Watch the video below and see what differences you can spot between the two:

If you still aren’t quite sure about what exactly the #MannequinChallenge is, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. It’s a short video of a group of people being filmed creating a scene where everyone is frozen (like mannequins), as the camera floats through to capture all the details.

Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot