It May Be Election Day for America, But for Black Twitter- It’s #ObamaDay

obama-day-election-2016As America waits for the results of the election of its next Commander-in-Chief, Black Twitter is choosing to pass the time by focusing on the goodness the Obamas brought to the White House instead.

#ObamaDay is the latest hashtag to go viral within the Black Twitter community. The trend was started by April Reign, the journalist who is also the creator of the popular #OscarsSoWhite hashtag. April called for her Twitter audience to make Election Day a day of remembering all the positive about the Obama administration on the social media site.

It didn’t take long for the the hashtag to catch on, with users tweeting some of their favorite Obama moments from over the past years. Take a look at some of the tweets celebrating the viral holiday below:

Photo Credit: Barack Obama/Instagram