Celebrities Encourage Black Voters to ‘Show Up’ to the Polls on Election Day

megan-good-black-celebs-voting-psaBlack stars are joining together to encourage black Americans from around the country to stand up and be counted in this historical presidential election.

A new PSA featuring a slew of familiar faces was created by the Artistic Alliance for Justice and produced by How To Get Away With Murder‘s Kendrick Sampson and Brand Maverick Entertainment’s founder Steven Jones, encouraging black voters to make their voices heard in the coming election.

The spot features Meagan Good and her hubby DeVon Franklin, Erica Campbell, Russell Simmons, Cedric The Entertainer, Tisha Campell-Martin, Chris Spencer, Logan Browning, Kendrick Sampson, Keisha Epps, Glynn Turman, and Dijon Talton.

In the PSA, the stars point out that “research shows that only a small percentage who are registered to vote actually do” and encourages viewers to “vote for the person you believe will make educated, sound, and just decisions on behalf of our nation”.

They also call for black and minority voters to “prepare for voter suppression”, meaning being adequately prepared to vote with the correct ID and demanding a regular ballot as opposed to being given a provisional one.

“As people of color, voter suppression is a living and breathing issue in our neighborhoods and communities,” Jones told Essence. “Which is why I was so pleased to hear about the recent lawsuit filed by the Democratic Party to eliminate tactics such as these that are designed to stop people of color from exercising a civil liberty promised to each of us under the law. With that in mind, the goal in creating this PSA was to both educate and inform people of color about the tactics we must overcome at the polls, but first and foremost, to make sure that we realize the importance of actually SHOWING UP at the polls to let our voices be heard.”

Watch the full PSA below:

Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot