Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Celebrate Alton Sterling’s Son Cameron’s 16th Birthday

Kim Kardashian has still been lying low after her scary Parisian robbery incident, but she and hubby Kanye West were spotted together recently helping make Alton Sterling’s son’s birthday an unforgettable one.

The Wests celebrated the 16th birthday of Cameron Sterling, the eldest son of police shooting victim Alton Sterling, by hanging out with the teen backstage after his Saint Pablo Tour stop at The Forum in Inglewood, California. The Sterling family attorney shared a photo of Kimye and Cameron, thanking the couple for “showing 16th bday love”.

Cameron’s father Alton was murdered in July 2016, when he was killed after police officers thought he was reaching for a gun although being pinned to the ground.

Both Wests reacted to Sterling’s death over social media- Kanye tweeted the public video footage of the incident to his 26+ million followers and Kim penned a note about racial injustice, declaring that “Hashtags are not enough. This must end now.”

Kim has been making sure to lay low since being held at gunpoint and robbed in Paris during fashion week almost a month ago. The reality star had previously posted two photos of herself to Facebook before taking them down. According to a source from People, she’s “still figuring out when she wants to come back into the social spotlight.”

Photo Credit: Justin Bramberg/Twitter