A Tribe Called Quest Announces Their Final Album

A Tribe Called Quest announced that their final album is on the way- in fact, it’s less than a month away!

Group member Q-Tip shared a note on Facebook about the upcoming album, which is set to drop on November 11th. In the note, he describes the group’s mood after performing on the Tonight Show in 2015- their first television performance in 18 years- and says that after they left, they were so fired up that they wanted to immediately get back in the studio…and they did just that. “As we left 30 Rock, I felt the need, we all did, to get back to the studio and start that COOK UP!! SO WE GOT IT!!”

Phife passed away before the album was completed, but Q-Tip promises that he left enough material behind to help them finish the project. “It was coming together nicely as as you may know we lost our BROTHER may GOD REST HIS SOUL on March 22nd. But he left us with the BluePrint of what we had to do”.

The rapper also promises that all of Phife’s verses on the final album are brand new, not recycled. “No, this isnty filled with old Phife Bars…This is that pure, unstepped on pure!!”

Read Q-Tip’s full note below:

Photo Credit: Anthony G. Moore / PR Photos