Shawty Lo Fans Petition to Rename Atlanta Street in Rapper’s Honor

Fans of late rapper Shawty Lo are hoping to make his legacy an even more lasting one by calling for the street he was known to rule to be named after him.

Carlos ‘Shawty Lo’ Walker was killed in a car crash early morning Sept 21. In addition to being known for his rap persona and as a former member of the group D4L, Walker was also known for his love of and dedication to the Bankhead community–so much so that he was also known around town as K.O.B, King of Bankhead. Locals are hoping to continue to honor the hood legend by petitioning to have Donald Lee Hollowell (formerly known as Bankhead Hwy) renamed Carlos R. Walker Pkwy instead.

A petition is currently circulating and aiming to obtain 5,000 signatures calling for the renaming.

The petition outlines a bit of Lo’s life and why his fans feel so strongly about honoring his legacy in this particular way:

“He was overly active in his bankhead community. So much so, that neighborhood locals honored him by giving him the nickname “King of Bankhead” abbreviated K.O.B in which he utilized as much as he did his rap name Shawty Lo. What better way to honor this extraordinary man then to rename the street in which he grew up on and a community that he never left behind even after his success! Bankhead Hwy aka Donald Lee Hollowell is a thing of the past.”

At the time of this article’s publication, the petition collected over 3500 signatures toward their goal.

Photo Credit: Utho “denny” Coxall / PR Photos