Taraji P. Henson Teases What to Expect From Cookie During ‘Empire’ Season 3

taraji-henson-cookie-empire-season-3 Lookie lookie, here comes Cookie! Taraji P. Henson is spilling some deets about what fans can expect from her outspoken character this season on Empire.

Henson stopped by Variety to tease what’s ahead for Cookie when the drama returns. At the heart of the show is the relationship between Cookie and Lucious, but this season Henson says Cookie’s reached her breaking point.”What’s happening is that Cookie is trying to separate herself. She’s done with Lucious. Although she has to run the company, she’s trying to find herself separate from him. It’s been too many years. It’s time to let go. For some reason, he doesn’t want to let go.”

She also told the site that yes, we can expect another love interest to pop up in the form of Taye Diggs, but no–it won’t be easy for him to get close to Mama Lyon. “I don’t want it to become Cookie has a love interest all the time because then it becomes about a woman needing a man,”Henson said, “I know me and I’m the type of woman that if I’ve been hurt to the core, I need a minute to collect myself and to make sure I’m not going to make the same mistakes the next time. The love of her life broke her heart at the end of last season and she didn’t see that coming. She decided to be vulnerable and open up her heart to someone else other than Lucious and he broke her heart – so twice in one season! Taye, his character has to work for her. He’s gotta work.”

As far as what Taraji would like to see covered in Cookie’s future on the series—the actress revealed she’s actually most interested in her character’s past. “I’m always interested in the backstory. I mean, 17 years in prison is a long time. What happened to her? What is she made of that it didn’t break her? It’s almost like she didn’t miss a beat in those 17 years. What does that take for a woman to survive those kinds of conditions? That’s what I’m interested in, and I don’t think we’ve really dealt with it. We’ve hinted at it with those little flashbacks, but I really want to dig into what it takes for someone to come out of an institution and not have it break her.”

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Photo Credit: FOX