Chance the Rapper Got a Hug From Beyonce and Freaked Out Like We All Would

chance the rapper beyonce
Chance the Rapper had a ball at the 2016 VMAs but we’re pretty sure his top moment of the night all came courtesy of Beyonce.

The 23-year-old rapper is making quite the name for himself in the rap game, gaining some famous fans along the way including one who is arguably the most famous person on Earth.

In the cute video, the rapper is in the middle of an interview with MTV when Queen Bey sneaks a hug in without him immediately realizing who she was. It only takes him a split second to figure out what just transpired, but when he does, Chance proceeds to adorably freak out- like many of us- at the fact that Beyonce just touched him.

“This my life!” he exclaimed after the hug (and the happy dance that immediately followed the hug).

Take a look at Chance’s cute reaction below!

Chance is definitely all of us if we were cool enough to get a hug from Bey.

Photo Credit: Chance the Rapper/Twitter