Young Thug’s New Album Cover Sparks Mixed Reactions

Young Thug album cover
Young Thug hasn’t made it a secret that he marches to the beat of his own drum, both musically and in his personal style- a brave move not just for a man, but also a rapper.

Born Jeffrey Lamar Williams, Young Thug named his latest album after himself, but all anyone has been able to talk about since the artwork debuted is the 25-year-old rapper’s choice of attire.

""JEFFERY"" available everywhere tonight at 12am est. Shot by: @whoisglp

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It’s no surprise to Young Thug’s fans, who know he’ll rock nail polish or call another guy bae in a second, all while identifying as a straight male, but this is arguably the most feminine look we’ve seen him in yet.

He also previewed his album tracklist. If the names of the songs look familiar, it’s because he named all of the songs after his idols- and yes, there is a track named Harambe after the slain gorilla.

""PLAYLIST"" I named the songs after all my idols…

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Reactions to his cover art have been mixed, with some praising him for his individuality, while others mourned the death of hip-hop as we once knew it. No matter how you feel about it, at least take time to enjoy the memes that have been birthed as a result:

Photo Credit: Young Thug/Instagram