‘Empire’ Under Legal Fire After Filming at Juvenile Detention Center

Empire legal trouble Empire is facing some new legal trouble in the form of a lawsuit from two former residents of a Chicago juvenile detention center that the show filmed at in 2015.

Life has been imitating art in an interesting way since the show’s premiere. In the series, the Lyons are constantly plagued by legal issues in one way or another, much like the FOX series in real life. This is just the latest in a slew of lawsuits that have been aimed at the series, which has also been accused of stealing Cookie’s character on author Sophia Eggleton’s 2009 memoir The Hidden Hand.

The new suit alleges that while the show filmed season 2 episodes at the detention center, the residents there were subjected to less than satisfactory conditions, including keeping kids from attending school and restricting family visits, among other infractions.

Deadline attained a copy of the document and according to the site, “the jury-seeking action by two teens going by T.S, and Q.B., the Illinois facility was used on three occasions in the summer of 2015 for filming of scenes featuring Terrence Howard’s Lucious Lyon character behind bars. Chris Rock was also part of the shoots that took place June 21-26, July 13-16 and August 23-26 last year at the center that was once federally run. That S2 filming over large portions of the center and involving much of its staff resulted in the hundreds of children there unable to attend school, have significant family visits and use its “only outdoor recreation yard, its library, and its chapel.””

FOX has not responded to the allegations at the time of this article’s publication.

Empire returns for its third season premiere on September 21st at 9pm on FOX.

Photo Credit: Chuck Hodes/FOX