Nate Parker’s Former Classmates Come to His Defense

Nate Parker rape responseA group of former friends and classmates of Nate Parker have taken it upon themselves to try and set the record straight about the actor’s 1999 rape case that has been the subject of much conversation recently.

News of Parker’s rape case from his college days was kicked back up due to the large amount of attention he’s been getting for his highly anticipated film The Birth of a Nation. While Parker has already released a statement addressing the controversy, his career has started to slowly suffer regardless. One example being the cancellation of the American Film Institute’s screening of the film, which was also supposed to be followed by a Q&A with Parker.

The cancellation was announced in a note by AFI dean Jan Schuette. “I have been the recipient of many different passionate points of view about the screening, and I believe it is essential that we discuss these issues together — messenger and message, gender, race and more — before we see the film,” he wrote. “Next week, we will be scheduling a special moderated discussion so we may explore these issues together as artists and audience.”

Now, four former classmates of Nate’s have stepped forward to fill in the alleged blanks surrounding the case that they’ve been seeing reported. Penn State alums LaKeisha Wolf, Assata Richards, Lurie Daniel Favors and Brian Favors came together to make a statement about the case in order to “provide accurate information about what really took place during that time.”

Read an excerpt from below:

While we have refrained from making public statements, in light of recent media reports, we feel compelled to release this statement. To be clear: We are both dismayed and disappointed at the gross and blatant misinformation campaign regarding the events that took place during that time period. We feel compelled to speak truth to this situation as the media has cherry-picked the most salacious elements while ignoring the actual record.

Read the group’s full statement- including 10 points they feel have been glazed over during discussions of the allegations- over at

Photo Credit: Aaron J. Thornton / PR Photos