FX Releases 6 New Teasers for Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’

6 new Atlanta Teasers
FX has unloaded a whole new slew of teasers for Donald Glover’s new series Atlanta on fans, and while we still don’t have many clear looks at the show, we’re already intrigued.

The new series, created by and starring Glover, revolves around two cousins (Glover and Bryan Tyree Henry) on their way up through the Atlanta rap scene whose opposing views on art versus commerce, success and race will make their quest anything but easy. “The thesis with the show was kind of to show people how it felt to be black, and you can’t really write that down. You kind of have to feel it. So the tonal aspect was really important to me,” Glover said during a session promoting the show at the Television Critics Assn. press tour Tuesday, according to the LA Times.

Atlanta, starring Donald Glover, premieres September 6 on FX.

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“The tone is everything. Television shows are like novels now. You’ve just got to invest in them,” Glover previously said about the series. “So… I feel like the tone of this is… going to take time for people to understand what’s going on, which I think is a good thing,” he said, adding, “I just wanted to make Twin Peaks with rappers.”

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Hard Day


Deja Vu


Close Calls


Atlanta premieres on FX September 6th.

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